Tesco aims to crack kids’ egg nuisance this Halloween


Halloween pumpkin A supermarket giant is telling managers to keep an eye on possible Halloween high-jinks.

Tesco, which has stores across Bedfordshire, has told its bosses to be on alert about youngsters buying large quantities of flour and eggs. Traditionally Halloween is the time of year when children go out trick or treating and collecting sweets. But some young people have over-stepped the mark and have carried out anti-social behaviour using flour and eggs. This has led to people’s houses, property, or cars being pelted with the offending items.

Now, in a bid to stop youngsters getting hold of these items for the wrong reason, Tesco’s head office is calling on its store managers across the country to use what it has deemed as ‘common sense’.


A Tesco spokesman said: “While there is no policy in place to stop children buying flour and eggs, as a responsible local retailer our store managers take a common sense approach to this matter.”


original source http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/News/Tesco-aims-to-crack-kids-egg-nuisance-this-Halloween-26102012.htm


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