The End Is Nigh!

No not the end of the world, but the end of a successful year for BPR Ltd. We are finishing the year of with an internal painting refurbishment of a local playgroup and community centre based in our old original school building.

It has been an extraordinary year for us which has seen us increase our customer base 4 fold. It is heart-warming to finish the year on a truly local job where the customer and users of the property are well known to us. A true case of “Keeping it Local”

We are already looking at a full order book for January and February 2013, and we hope to see a continuation of the growth we experienced this year.

We would like thank ALL of our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year, and we look forward to servicing their needs again in the future.

If you have any property refurbishment or building works planned for the future please do not hesitate to contact us either on 07533 698449 or via our website  You can also follow us on Facebook at and Twitter @BPRFlitwick.


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