Quiz fan heads down under after a £5k win


Two sisters have been reunited for Christmas after one of them won £5,000 on ITV quiz show The Chase.

Helen Armitage, 66, appeared on the hit show earlier this month, and is now enjoying three weeks in the sun in Australia with her sister, who she has not seen for five years.

Helen, of Bedford Street, Ampthill, used her winnings from the show to fly to Australia to spend the festive season with her sibling Anne Foster, her husband, two children and four grandchildren,

Speaking from Australia Helen said: “I’m having an amazing time over here, it is so lovely to see my sister again after all this time, and that is obviously all thanks to The Chase.

“I used to come over a bit more regularly, but once I retired I struggled to afford the air fare, so it’s been five years since I’ve seen Anne.

“I haven’t even seen the show yet, because I was actually mid-air when it was broadcast. They told me ten days before what date it was going out, I asked them to move it back, but they said they couldn’t.”

Helen, a self-confessed quiz fan, was a contestant on the show on December 7 where she beat three other contestants she was battling against to win the final jackpot.

The show, which is hosted by Bradley Walsh, sees four contestants answering general knowledge questions throughout the show, and playing their tactics right in order to get themselves into the final Chase, where they could win a cash pot worth thousands of pounds.

But standing in their way is their common enemy, the Chaser, one of the finest quiz brains in the country, who chases contestants down the board in a tense and thrilling test of knowledge to try to catch them and throw them out of the game.

Filming for the show took place in September and Helen was the only person out of the four contestants that got through to the final.

She managed to bag her winning fund of £5,000 in the earlier round, and beat the Chaser in the nail-biting final.

The former news channel producer said: “I’ve always worked around cameras, I worked on the ITN News At Ten and the Channel 4 News, so didn’t think I would be too nervous, but it’s really different when you’re actually there.

“And the first question I was asked I actually pressed the wrong buzzer to answer, so that was embarrassing.”

She added: “I have always loved doing quizzes, I like to keep my brain active. My father actually had Alzheimer’s before he died, to see what can happen to someone you really love and respect is very distressing.

“That made me want to do everything I can use my brain as much as I can, so I do quizzes regularly.”


Original Source http://www.bedfordtoday.co.uk/news/local/quiz-fan-heads-down-under-after-a-5k-win-1-4618470


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