Waitrose shoppers anger at sharing car park with strip club punters


FLUSTERED shoppers at a plush supermarket chain are believed to have voiced their concern with store chiefs over sharing a car park with clients of a nearby strip club.


Customers at Waitrose in Ampthill have understood to have pressured bosses at the branch to introduce enforcement to stop patrons of the controversial Shayler’s, which is feet away from the shop, sharing the parking spaced at their favourite store.


The Berkshire-based firm has said it is aware of customer concern but wouldn’t confirm if it had received formal complaints about the clash of clientele on the car park.


Shoppers and those seeking thrills from lapdancing cross paths on regular basis with the supermarket closing at 9pm and the strip club opening at 7pm.


The revered Shayler’s club opened in November amidst protest with a 6,000 strong petition handed to the licensing authority Central Bedfordshire Council. Waitrose said it didn’t make any representation to the council but it has encouraged customers with complaints to voice it with the local authority.


A spokesman for Waitrose said: “We are aware of some concern within the local community, however it is a council owned and managed car park and we would encourage those who have concerns to contact the local authority.”


One resident of Ampthill said: “There is now a stigma attached to anyone walking through Waitrose car park at night. There is always the suspicion that they may be on their way to this sex club or have just left there I don’t know where it will end. Ampthill used to be a very sedate little town, full of thatched cottages, antique shops and lovely restaurants. Now it is full of curry houses and charity shops. How long before we hit rock bottom and also get a MacDonald’s?’



Original Source: http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/News/Waitrose-shoppers-anger-at-sharing-car-park-with-strip-club-punters-20130105140030.htm



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