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We have just finished a remodel of Orchards Esatate Agents in Ampthill Bedfordshire.
Removal and replacement of existing stud walls, new flooring and complete redecoration. This job was completely sprayed and the finishes applied were, walls and ceiling, Farrow and Ball Cornforth white modern emulsion, and all woodwork, all white 2005 eggshell finish. 


STABBING SHOCK Schoolboy, 15, stabbed in his own home as he tackled two burglars ‘dressed like NINJAS’

A 15-year-old boy was stabbed twice in the hand after taking on two burglars who were dressed like Ninjas.

Charlie McGhee, his dad Arthur and brother Joshua, 16, chased the pair from their home in Millers Way, Houghton Regis early this morning.

As they held onto one of the pair Charlie was stabbed with a Stanley knife.

Arthur said: “They came in the house. My sons came upstairs said two blokes dressed like Ninjas have come in.

“We went up the road after them and held them and called the old boy.

“They ran off but Charlie blocked him and wouldn’t let him go.

“His mate stabbed him twice in the hand to try and let his mate go, but he held on and the police arrived.

“Fortunately both boys are tough.

“They do karate.”

Charlie was treated at the Luton and Dunstable hospital.

A teenage boy, 15, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary.

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: “Police were called at approximately 1am to reports of two boys attempting to breaking into a property in Millers Way.

“One of the offenders was apprehended at the scene by another one of the occupants and was subsequently arrested.

“He has been taken to police custody for questioning.”

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Man saves money on train fare by flying from Sheffield to Stansted via Berlin

It’s apparently cheaper to get an economy flight across Europe and back than it is to take a train in the UKryan-air_3560568b

Ever gritted your teeth while paying through the nose for a train fare?

A man tried to find out whether it is really cheaper to fly on a budget airline than take a train.

Jordon Cox was shocked when his train to Essex from Sheffield cost £50, so he flew home instead.

The blogger said: “I always go the extra mile to save money, but last week I went the extra 1,017 miles and saved £7.72 by getting back to Essex from Sheffield via Berlin – I even had enough Euros spare for a currywurst sausage by the Brandenburg Gate… Wunderbar !”

Although it was worse for the environment, it was cheaper to travel over a thousand more miles to get home from Sheffield to Essex.

The blogger was giving a talk on couponing, and realised he wouldn’t exactly save much money when the cheapest single train fare was £47.

He said: “It turned out that flying out from East Midlands Airport to Berlin, spending seven hours exploring the city and then flying to Stansted and getting the bus home was cheaper than a single train journey in England.”

Mr. Cox also found he could buy a return train ticket to Berlin city centre, enjoy a free tour of a government building and lunch while he was out there and still save money.

This isn’t just true for one journey – the blogger was shocked to find other journeys showed similar savings.

Other train savings

  • London to Bristol – Ryanair flights via Dublin: £14. South West train: £41.
  • London to Manchester – Ryanair flights via Milan: £33. Virgin train: £101.
  • Bristol to Newcastle – Ryanair flights via Dublin: £14. Cross Country train: £74.
  • What he would have spent by going by rail
  • £47 for train from Sheffield to Shenfield
  • £2.99 for ham and cheddar toastie for lunch
  • £1.80 bus fare from Sheffield to Hutton
  • TOTAL – £51.79
  • What he actually spent
  • £4 train from Sheffield to Derby
  • £4.20 for bus from Derby to East Midlands Airport
  • £11.83 Ryanair flight to Berlin
  • £5 Berlin return train from airport to city centre
  • £1.50 Currywurst for lunch
  • £9.54 Ryanair flight to London Stanstead
  • £8 bus home to Hutton from Stanstead airport
  • TOTAL – £44.07Long-suffering commuters from January 2 face the latest annual price hike for their tickets, as campaigners said services were so poor in parts of the country that passengers would be amazed rises would be allowed. Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said: “In some parts of the country, given rail performance has been so dire, passengers will be amazed there are any fare rises at all.”
  • He added: “Passengers are paying their part in the railways – rail revenue is heading towards £9 billion a year. The rail industry must now keep its side of the promise: deliver on the basics.”
  • Tickets this year rise by an average of 1.1 per cent in England, Wales and Scotland, affecting 1.7 billion rail journeys made in the UK each year.
  • The latest annual rise means fares have risen at three time the rate of wagepay packets since David Cameron was elected Prime Minister in 2010, according to an analysis by Labour.
  • Rail fares in the UK have only been getting more expensive – rising at three times the rate of salaries.

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Elderly Driver Ploughs Car Into Shoppers


An elderly driver has mown down six shoppers and two children after reportedly blacking out and mounting the pavement.

A 13-month-old girl and two-year-old boy were thrown from their pushchairs when the VW Polo hit them outside The Priory shopping centre in Guildford just after 10.30am.

Eyewitnesses say the car hit a bollard before colliding with the crowd of people.

Other bystanders said it looked like the 92-year-old man had suffered a medical issue and became unconscious at the wheel.

Two victims – including the young girl – were flown by air ambulance to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, along with a third who went there in an ambulance. All three are in a serious condition.

A bystander said the baby girl had apparently suffered “very nasty” facial injuries.

She said: “It looked like the poor little mite had been in a pushchair and was thrown out of it when the car hit it.

“I think she must have landed face-first on the pavement and that is why she had such serious injuries.”

Others said that there was blood on the windscreen of the Polo car indicating that at least one of the victims had been thrown into the air and landed on the car.

Student Alejanero Mayol said: “The car went on the pavement just in front of the shopping centre. It took out one pole and then crashed into people.

“They were just flung up into the air after the car hit them.”

Five people were taken to the Royal Surrey County Hospital at Guildford and to Frimley Park Hospital near Camberley.

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Veterans gather for Colossus 70th anniversary

Colossus valves The Mark 2 Colossus used 2,400 valves to help it crack messages sent by German generals

Colossus valves
The Mark 2 Colossus used 2,400 valves to help it crack messages sent by German generals

The 70th anniversary of the pioneering Colossus computer is being celebrated at Bletchley Park.

The machine was first used to crack messages sent by Hitler and his generals on 5 February 1944.

The celebration will bring together some of the machine’s creators and operators at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC).

The machine’s code-cracking prowess will be demonstrated on the day using the museum’s rebuilt Colossus.

Now widely recognised as the first electronic computer, Colossus was kept a secret for 30 years because of the sensitive work it did during World War Two to crack German codes.

The work of the Colossus machines to decipher messages scrambled using the Lorenz enciphering machine that passed between the Wehrmacht’s commanders is widely thought to have shortened the war and saved countless lives.

Colossus was created by Post Office engineer Tommy Flowers, and his first prototype was built out of parts from telephone exchanges including 1,600 valves. Later versions used even more valves and by the end of the war 10 of the machines were in use in the UK.

The celebrations will bring together some of the women who kept the different machines running as well as some of the engineers who built and maintained them. During wartime, about 550 people worked in the Bletchley Park unit that ran Colossus.

Also attending will be some of the children of the machine’s creators and operators.

Most of the machines were broken up and the plans destroyed after the war in an attempt to keep the work secret and to conceal the fact Britain was still using two of the machines to read Soviet messages.

“The achievements of those who worked at Bletchley Park are humbling,” said Tim Reynolds, chair of TNMOC. “This day is in honour of all the men and women who worked on breaking the Lorenz cipher.”

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